My my my my my my my

08 Mar

Todae i feel lyk jus sitting in MY own special corner.

Thinking of MY stuffs.

n Doing MY own things.

In short…. i jus wish tat every single one that i noe will jus ignore me for this one special dae.

Yes. Including MY own family.

Theres lots of things i have to think abot. Lots of uncertainty. lots of useless tots and burdens weighing MYself down.

I’ve realised im sumone who lyk to kip MY own personal stuffs to MYself.

I’ve found out that if sumthing doesnt concerns u. i will RARELY speak abot it.

MY personal stuffs are only meant for me.

Call me selfish or wateva, i jus don feel comfortable toking abot this kinda things.

Its either i solve it myself, or i don solve it at all.

Rite now……. I think MY capacity is reaching its limit.

Im gona Explode soon.. i jus hope i can isolate MYself be4 anything happens.

Forgive me, those tat care abot me. i jus don wan to hurt you ppl….

Yeah. wateva

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