06 Mar

yEs. for those of yu who has been in contact wif me and those wif my msn contact. u shld noe frm my display name tat i am sick.

OMG. Stupid cough…. i reeli dam hate this sTupid cough…. TMD. The cough is so bad. it has stop me from smoking too much.

todae,(or ytd,if u follow the 24 hour rule and not the sleep-and-wake-up-to-a-brand-new-dae-rule) I only smoke one stick….. I donnnoe whether to say its good or bad…

the only think i noe is i am typing this while coughin lyk crazy… and that i am cigarette-less and still thinking of whether to go downstairs to buy. or jus go to bed….

speaking abot bed…. todae went to work as usual… And i believe its cax the med i took tat cax me to feel drowsy… as in reelllli drowsy lor…. i kept falling asleep on the job.. and my colleague and supervisors had to kip waking me up! i think i was sleeping lyk a pig. cax when the bags come, usualli it makes a grand entrance… meaning its dam loud wif all the *Bing-bang-bong-beng-Whizzz*

but this time i couldn even hear it even though lots and lots of bags were coming. lol! oh well….. at least time past fast when u are sleeping……

Sucky… i reeli hate this cough… cax the med is so powerful it makes u drowsy… and thus u cannot njoy your dae properly….

tok abot going out and chiong! HAH! i think i will fall asleep rite in front of the dance floor…. oh well… i think i will go pop onto my bed now…

Tmr still got work leix…. Sian!!

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