Forced entry

03 Mar

hmmm. i was psychoed to write an entry because i wan to see sumone’s else entry. don get it? nvm. u are either too stupid. or my command of engrish sux.

Anyways. Todae was a boring dae? Wen to skool to rot almost the whole dae… i think 8 hours… we only studied for one hour… Cax apparantly the rest of the dae was full of presentations and Prototype testing by those year 2 final year students leaving the skool… and we were to go there and watch… don noe watch wat shit. i think only go there listen to the teachers cum Judges ask question while we sit there stare at them tok… so we decided to sneak to the library and play DaiDee/blackjack. yes.

and as alwaes. i lost. 4 dollarsss…. lol. but sumthing reeli spooky happened while we were playing blackjack. Out of all the blackjack and Double Aces… almost every single pair contains a SIngle ace of SPADE. So meaning to say. if your first card was the Ace of Spade…. u have a 80% chance of getting Blackjack or double aces…… reeli spooky. and then there was the occurence of the REAL blackjack(as in one ace of spade. and one Jack of spade) It happened 3 3 3 3 3 3 times!!!! woah do u noe if u were playing in the casino… this will gib u x21 of the money u bet!!! tats alot lor!

reeli scary.. dam.. still i was lucky i lost 4 dollars only… cax i think there were sum who reeli lose till chia lat chia lat.

and then we go back to the class one hour be4 skool ends. and the teacher was kind enuff to mark us present… As he had nothing to teach us. he told us to go do our stuffs. so we wen out to play soccer…. and i think im reeli reeli stamina low till cannot low…

But it was fun lor… i think i will still continue to play…

P.S. I noe wat u are thinking BB. i aint playing wif u guys. u guys are too pro… lol

Sumthing happened todae… haiz… im sorry gerl.. i guess i was jus too moody to do anything… cax im sick and reeli tireds…(MY cough is getting frm back to worse. sux) don get affected by wat i’ve said. i was jus blabbering… kkz

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