21 Feb



Cax i don have the time to cut my hair!!!!


lame. but true. i’ve started to realise how impt my hair is to me. if its not well cut. i will get depressed. rite now its so “Pong pong”!!!!

ARgHH!!! and its not even one month!!! screw “Storm”!!!!

Sucky place. I’m starting to think that those exp place are out to cheat u by cutting your hair so tat it luks nice only for the first week and after tat luk lyk shit so tat u must go there cut again!!

when i was still going to those neighbouring Salons,(which was cheaper too!) i nvr felt this way, i alwaes feel tat my hair could last me for a long time! the longest was 3 months i think.

now not even one month and i find it sucky.

Im considering going back to the previous hair salon….

Haiz!! but its jus the mindset tat when u go to a exp place and suddenly downgrade to a less exp one. the haircut wld be less professional. and then u end up wasting money…. haiz.. its jus a psychological think i guess…

oh wellll sux!!! im getting depressed everytime i try to style my hair…. STORM REELI SUX!!!!!

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