//_ there’s a leak in my memory core, i fear it is soon that i can remember no more.

06 Feb

********* Epiloge*********

hello fellow readers of this forsaken blog!

today, we shall feature a guest blogger,

in the name of… **drum rolls** Joey’s Princess [or as some might know me as CVM of 405]!!

**pukes/gags/throws up/**

Anyways, i’ve been granted this prestigious chance to write in King Joey’s blog and I shall take this advantage to … TALK C*CK ABOUT JOEY !!!!!!!

No, really.



As I once quoted in our good friend’s friendster testimonial:

What you see here may or may not be true. So things I write here might be fabrications of my imagination.


Actually, i initially wanted to write about high school, but as the title suggests, I can’t really remember it to the very last detail.. I’d rather not make up THAT many things.

*********The Story*********

When King Joey was young,

He was not a King

But rather a member of a group called F4

In our rather humble EvSS territory

Which most have speculated to mean Flower 4

(after the immensely nonsensical-unrealistic-mistake-to-make-it-into-a-serial-but popular series, Meteor Garden)

or perhaps as a certain neurotic fellow in 405 once commented:

Faggot 4 (no offence my dear, just writing our history down **blinks innocently**)
Now, F4 consisted of, duh, four individuals

(whose names are not allowed to be published here due to copyright potection)

and they would often roam the floors together.

They were all in the same class and academically… averagely inclined.

Especially one of them who I remember clearly,

Copying my geograpy exam paper and (what nerve!) once told me:

“Eh, dun change seat ok. After i got no one to copy.”

(Writer’s Note: Ok.. I felt kinda sad then. This was the very same guy who sent me a letter telling me he liked me because I resembled his ex-flame? Strike 2!! Ouch.)

Anyhows, back to the story,

Joey was a scary man,

t’was my first impression.

Came with a sneer in his face

and snarl so vicious!

Na, that’s too much.

It wasn’t that bad.

But nevertheless, I was kinda scared

cause I’m still new in the school

who know what he might do.

Once I got to know him

Beneath the hard exterior

Lies my wittle hubby wubby

With a heart of gold!

Scary as it seems

He confessed his feelings for me

But, oh, how stupid me

Infatuated with another to be

It was never the same again

Though I do wonder how it would have been

He promised me this, I know

That if no one marries me, he will.

After I finished the O’s

Away to Melbourne did I go

Again and again to Joey I return

Whenever I set my foot on the lion’s isle.

*********The End*********

If you would like to hear more, contact King Joey

and I shall send my scribes to him.


Thanks and regards for reading this horrible excuse of an entry.

And special Thanks to Joey for letting me write rubbish in here.


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