03 Feb

Blog blog blog. dam long no blog. am blogging now.

hmm lets start wif yesterdae.

wen out wif may may! lol. yes. this is a one time a year event. reeli honoured to be able to!

Anyways. wen over to orchard to meet her… and basically… i don noe this certain book store called “borders” or sumthing, i mean, i don read books. so lyk.. i ain’t that familiar wif it. and in the end i found out that it was infact, a bookstore located at the basement of wheelock place.

so we decided to walk walk abitttt… i wanted to eat, so we scouted around…. initially wanted to go Jack’s place. but then i suddenly had a change of mind and change the eating place to Orchard cineleisure.

Ate Burger king instead. but the stupid think was they didnt have the fries or anything tats fried as their Fryer thingy was under maintainence. so ended up they substituted my fries wif a certain ice cream.. which reeli taste lyk shit btw….


anyways then we walk ard cineleisure… and may may was luking ard and stuff…. bot a hair band and two hairpins i suppose?

and then wen to meet harris at shatec…. she had a chat wif harris and his colleague while i opted to stand at some spot smoking away and waiting. not tat i mind reeli. Harris won’t wan me ard. i noe tat. LOL. i think his jealous! cax i spend more time wif may than him… ahhh well…

and so our meeting was near its end… we went to NTUC and bot some stuffs be4 tat. May may is a greedy gerl. everything must have 2 2 2 2 2… LOL.

and then wen back. sat at her aunt’s house downstairs, took some photos and i was able to get to see her cousin and fwen. AR well… tats bot it??

though it was a short meeting.. i think it was worth the time… lol. thanks lots May! lurrrveeee u loads!!! see ya soon!

AS for todae. nothing much reeli. late again. as usual. haiz. i reeli starting to get bothered at the fact that i kip going to skool late. its gona pull ma grades down…. i think i shall sleep early todae…….. I hope i can~

aRgh… tireds…. *sighss*

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