25 Jan

Todae is asuch a malu dae…..

I got Saboed by ma fwen…

see… theres these gerl i wan to noe in skool.

but i got no balls to.

(YES. A man meets his match sometimes. I ain’t Romeo u noe?)

Then for some kuku reason.. .all ma fwens found out. and started suaning me….

omg!!!! KARMA is wicked….

Do not do unto others wat u don wan others to do unto u.

ARGHHHHH….. then for some fark up reason… i don noe which son of a basket came up wif the idea of “helping” me…..

They came up wif a plan.

Step one.

One of ma fwen, lets call him MR simao. Provided a piece of paper.

Step two.

another fwen of mine,lets call him… MR bean. He provided ma handphone number.

Step three.

and the last guy, jus call him chee hong kia. He Wrote ma name and hp on the paper.

And proceeded to Bring.. hmmm.. not much… ALL of ma fwens.(not much, abot 8!!!!) and wen to her and told her that one of his fwen wanted to noe her….. In the meantime. the rest of the gang were laughing and shouting their heads off…

I think u all shld noe wat the reaction of the gerl is lor..

OF CAX she rejected!!!!!


worse of all.. i didnt noe anything until the whole process was over and one of the non-participants came and told me abot it!!

I practically wanted to hack and slash every single one of them!!!!

especially “chee hong kia”!

he was suaning me all the wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

( i think i suan him the most last time… KARMA!!!)

arghhhh…. i feel so paiseh… but luckily I THINK she donnoe who was the one who wanted to noe her. cax she onli glanced at the piece of paper…

OMGG!!!! i reeli hope she donnoe who it was…

DAM It!!!

i so malu…..


Oh yeah… anyone have xiao zhu’s “ji Qi wa wa”? i reeli wan to hear it lei…… anyone have? pls send meeeeeee…… thanks alot.

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