Happpy New year!

02 Jan

Rite. HAppy new year to all u guys!!!! 2005 le!!!

hmmm how did i spend ma new year eveeeee? yes let me recount.

Woke up late. As usual. then went To changi village with ma fwens to eat. Hmmm. toking abot Eating. yes. I alwaes eat late nowadaes. I mean dam late. Ard 8 + to 11+ then i will eat. and u noe wats so great abot tat??

It is ma FIRST meal of the dae.

Wah. unhealthy lor. But i donnoe why. getting sick of eating outside food. i think im lazy.

oh yes. I had the popular Nasi lemak over there. hmmmm.. Out of 5, i gib it a 3.5. why? the rice is nice. Very soft and easy to swallow. won’t choke on it. The chicken Wing is delicious.

AND THE CHILLI!!! omg!!! It is dam nice lor! Hey. i said N-I-C-E okies?! it is unusual for a NON-Chili eater me to say tat chili is nice.

But seriously dam it. the chili is nice lor. its spicy. but its jus rite. then the taste. reeli un describeable. n they gib a generous amount too.

Of cax lar. oso got negative sides. the rice they gib too little. The egg is small. (its fried egg btw) the fishcake. omg. tat is NOT a fishcake lor! N most Imptly.

IT IS EXPENSIVE!!!!! I ordered a chicken wing, egg, ikan bilis, and a fishcake.(plus rice and chili.) (all this a reeli standard btw) and it cost me a bloomin’ 4 bucks!!! tat is exp lor.

Overall. can try lar. i cldn remember the stall name. but as long as u see a malay nasi lemak stall tat has a god dam long queue. tat is it lar. its at the corner.

After tat. we wen over to Downtown East for countdown. they were having sum kind of concert. donation thing i guess. for the tsunamis de lar. Then got quite alot of super sTars lor. lyk power station and BEE GEES!!! omg. BEE GEES was there. thats cool.

hmm after the countdown it was suppose to be a all out party nite there. 3 Djs spinning and the best thing of all. its all TECHNO!!!

WOHOO. TEchno!!!

BUT farking shit lor!! some idiotic malays don farking noe the meaning of party. started to quarrel and fight. wat sia?!?! dam them. then the police came over to stop oso no use. Wah lao. shit lor!!!!!! then in the end the whole dam thing was Abruptly cancelled. WAT?!?!?!?!?!? onli 3 songs and Cancelled?!?!?!


how can u do this to me?!?!!?? i was so pissed off lor. there were HUNDREDS of ppl there njoying there and this had to happen. Dam it. it sux big time.

And so me n one of ma fwen’s wen over to ma another fwens house for Mahjong Session.

From 2am. play till 9am in the morning. hahaha! shiok!

oooo. im having mahjong session todae again. todae start Earlier.

Gona go bathe now. and off i goooooo

njoy peeps! happy new year!!!

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