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26 Dec

Ooo…. yes. christams n christmas Eve was rather interesting. lets start wif christmas eve.

Woke up on Fridae. Late as usual of cax, Ard 6.30pm i think. Had plans to go down to ChinaBlack fer Celebration. (TO MAKE IT CLEAR: I WAS SAICO-ED DOWN!!!!! But luckily.. hoho. just read on lar) Ard 9 lar. so i have lyk 3 hours to rot at home? hohoho.

Ma mom called me suddenly though. Ask me go to her place eat. Don noe eat wat sia! sum weird Porridge lyk thingy…. i think its called ‘ba bao chou’ or sumthing?? its not porridge lor! its jus oatmeal, beans n Red dates n donnoe wat lar.

hmmm. soooooo aFter tat go home prepare. Reach orchard ard 9.45pm. We ask the dude how much it was to Enter.

He Said:

$45, inclusive of 2 free drinks.

OH? Great. don noe is which bloody son of a heck told us no cover charge. KANA CHEATED DOWN LOR!!!!

haha. luckily ar! nvr go. then ma fwen later changed plan. wanted to go to MU.

hmmm. i already told them 21 n above then can go lor. they wan to try luck. maybe open one Martell or sumthing.

Obviously their luck ran out. hoho Ended up going to Zouk. haha!!!

ME? ooOOO.. i busted them. immediately after i found out chinablack was a NoNo(luckily!!) i called ma fwen.

he came down to Orchard n after abit of Spraying ard n soaking each other wif sticky icky Foam tat luk lyk snow kinda stuff. We wen down to Fisherman.

I Tell u lor! tat is the worse beer i have ever drank at fisherman! Obviously the beer is put there too long or wat lor! Dam sux! Ma fwen vomited.


Shit them sia cheat our money lor. 30 dollars lei! Dam it i was drunk sia. Drunk until we go 85 market there eat the mee kia. i onli eat the meatballs lor. i nvr even touch the mee.

Dam shit. wat was worse. when i went home i wanted to sleep! i was drunk beyond donnoe wat lor! But i ended up lying on the bed fer 3 hours straight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fuck the Stupid insomnia.. i reeli think i nid sleeping pills.

Arghhh…. alrite.

christmas dae. todae.

Nothing much reeli. Wen fer Steamboat wif ma Sec skool fwens. Go orchard walk walk. then go suntec catch a movie.

Kung Fu Hustle.

Dam nice lor! sibei funny sia. i see le.. wah i cldnt stop laughing. the part where Stephen Chow wanted to kill The xiao long niu dam funny lor!!!! n the snakes oso.. hahaha.

yes its a nice show. Out of 10, i gib it a 8. Yes. Reeli nice show. ITS REELI RARE FOR ME TO SAY TAT A MOVIE IS NICE. so watch it. u wldn regret. hohohoho. nice.

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