journey to the Bugis.

21 Dec

Yes! I found it! yes i did yes. yes yes!!!!

hahaha. Wen through hell jus to find that keychain.

wen to sunshine plaza….. reeli i tot i cld have just settled it there. apparantly. no. not so. it just so happens tat the shop tat i originally planned to go wasnt there anymore. closed down perhaps?

dam it. so wen to ask ard. there was quite a no. of shops selling model kits n figurines. YET there wasnt even one that sold Naruto stuff.


so wen to bugis to search. ASk a certain staff Assistant abot it. n he told me got!

“YES lucky me!” i tot.

then he did sumthing reeli weird. usually stuffs are displayed on the rack rite? he went straight to the back, opened a cupboard. n took out a reeli BIG plastic bag.

Then he said:

“im reeli sorry ar. as we are bz now. can u please search through the bag fer wat u wan?”

I was lyk.


Lan lan lar. so search lor. wahhhhh. the bag inside lots of stuff lor. n u noe keychain is how small rite? how to find? summore the whole place so cramp. lots of ppl searching for gifts for christmas.

wah kaox.

i search n search sweat n sweat. jus as i was abot to gib up. there it was! ahahahaha.

cldn imagine how excited i was.

took it out pass it to the cashier. tot cld pay n leave.

then The cashier. (another guy) say…

“Please line up to pay fer your stuff.”

Yes. tats great. VERY GREAT! the queue dam long lor.

then while waiting. the fellow who directed me to the BAG.

Asked me:

“did u find wat u wanteD?”

I said:


He said:


yeah. great. well they did gib me a rather cute christmas card. hoho.

hmmm worth it. it was worth it.


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