Songs songs songs.

20 Dec

Bascialliiiii… i’ve surfed here n there n managed to find sum reeli troubling stuffs.

ppl keep asking why to find songs? songs? songs? to put in their blog. not those MIDI kinds.(MIDI as in handphone sort of MIDI? get it?)

I think i’ve post tat be4. but i think i’ll post it again.

Basicalli u can get those songs IF u have a personal Website or server or wateva bull u wana call it.

yes. u have to upload the songs into the Webby. n Basicalli EMBED the song into your blog. Sumthing lyk link lar. Except more chimes.

“So easy?” u say?

Here cums the reeli reeli reeli reeli kuku part.

(*drum rolls*)

Your webby CANNOT be those Free one.

Yes. u read rite. U have to PAY for your webby.

Actualli kinda cheap lar. one month 10++ dollar onli.


Just Leech lor. bascialli all u nid to do is find a webby tat has its own songs AND links, check its Properties. n EMBED the link to your blog.

YES. U can do tat!

But if u get caught. don say i teach one. Its Illegal. DUH.

BAsically the most common method is to Share wif sumone lor. see which fwen of yours has his/her own webby n basically leech frm him/her.


More ppl link. More bandwidth used.

When your bandwidth exceeds its limits. hohohoho. I believe your entire Blog will LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGG till donnoe lyk wat.

It is scary.

So there. i helped. basicalli this is based on me own knowledge lor. if i so happens to gib out false info. Correct me.

Thank you.

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