19 Dec

Fer those latecomers. read the entry below first.

yes i just woke up.

anyways she replied em this:

‘yup.. for d record, i’m still surviving.. eh.. hah.. i too

haf alot stuff to tell u.. but i’m realli glad u’re fine.. i

mean.. ur life n all.. good for u (“,)’

n i replied this:

‘hohoho. U speak as if u are worried about how i live ma life lyk tat.

Yeah. i can take care of me self. don worry.

hmmmm….. eh… hohoho. I’m seriously stuck. i don noe wat to say liao.

Don get me wrong. Just tat yesterdae i had mahjong session till early in the moring todae. N i just woke up. Its 8.30pm now. N worse of all. I just realise me ciggies box is empty..

So basicalli Ma brain’s not functioning properly rite now.

hohoho. anyways a early Merry christmas to you.

Have fun yeah?


yess…. longer than the first one. but basically nothing much.

Oh this sux big time. i got so much to say n yet i’m completely clueless as to where to start… or how to start.


Godam irritating Flu.

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