The amt of silly is too damn high!


What’s going to be so funny is the fact that 10 years down the road, this vivian is going to look at this article and go, “lol wtf was i thinking back then?”

Srsly, grades? they are nothing. out of the numerous interviews that I’ve been to, ZERO has ever looked at my transcript.

If you want to get that job, let me tell you the three most impt things you have to look at:

  1.  Interview skills; knowing how to tackle the SOP interview questions (which can be so easily googled) and the amt of confidence you exude.
  2. Your experience (related to 3)

1) Even if you have straight As, when you go into a interview and talk(murmur?) like a zombie, you think people will think you can? cb simple thing like expressing yourself also cmi, how you expect me to give u a people’s job? (Comfortable jobs with good prospects are usually jobs where you interact with ppl. FACT.) However, I have seen MANY cases of salesman being bosses of their own. So doing a back end job will only get you so far.

2) Experience – that’s why i say certs don’t matter. Cert involves subjects. Subjects you most probably won’t even touch at your workplace.

How’s history doing for you dude? Social studies? lol eh how about geography?? HELPING YOU ALOT IN YOUR WORK I’M SURE.

(An exception will be mathematics, contrary to popular opinions, math is a good judge of how good your brain can function. It is true you will most probably not use algebra or differentiation on your day to day life. But deep down, it will affect. srsly. only people with strong logical and observation skills can counter the effects of being mathematics illiterate)

If I hire someone, I would want he/she to KNOW what he/she is supposed to be doing. To cope well(or even do better than) with little disruption.

Also, books don’t teach you about office politics, angkat bola, and taichi. Experience does.

3) regardless of how freaking good you are. Nobody is going to hire you if your asking is 2.5 times higher than kutusamy marie san jose xiao li (who most probably can take more responsibility than you too! You pampered, complacent little Singaporean!)

you know, I really do discourage people from using the cheating way. Everyone should start from the bottom and learn the basics first. That way you are more ‘zai’ in the long term. But of course that’s just wishful thinking.

if you want me to say, the problem with our current workforce is just we have so many greenhorns holding onto high paying jobs. If they shit themselves still ok, but most of the time it’s because of these moron’s incompetence (due to lack of experience) that caused all the shit to rain down on those below.

In the end it creates a very unhealthy and stress producing singaporean workforce.

Cause and effect people. Don’t think just because you earn big bucks means the world is frozen solid.

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How things orignated – a very random thought

So see, troll on fb share stupid things, and morons decides to believe and start spreading the stupidity. very obvious scenario, in this day and age.

Now let’s go back to an age where people started practicing basic communications. Same thing. Except there was no internet, people were probably much less intelligent(not that we are that super intelligent now. oh god how i shudder at the tot of living back then) and the context was about ghosts, higher entities, monsters, myths and legends.

And since it’s so hard to debunk anything considering the lack of intelligence and the convenience of the internet, It starts to spread spread spread, and here we are today.

Come to think of it, the amt of lies in this world is too damn high. which really makes me wonder, why things didn’t work out like it should have the very first time your mom told you,
‘lying isn’t a good thing.’

Isn’t a lesson like this supposed to help? Isn’t this the very basics?

Obviously not.

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Shittalking angmoh! lol

Experience of an angmoh boss in sg

[Guest Post: i dun unerstan u lah!: An exposé of Singapore and Singaporean retardation]

Contrary to the topic’s title, before you guys start raising your pitchforks[i believe this will just fall on deaf ears though], I will say what I always like to say,

stop and think, think about why people are saying such stuff about us.

If you think he is wrong, DEFEND your country with a clear and concise counter, and not use stupid zabalang english to ask this ‘parasite’ to ‘fug off from here’, since that only enforces his idea that we are retards.

If you think his points are true, then IMPROVE. Because sometimes you really need someone outside of your house to actually see what kinda shithole you are really living in/on.

Cause srsly I do find most of his points to be valid. esp the govt spoiling us[we are all sheeps], overemphasis on unnecessary luxuries[must own car la but complain too expensive la, must buy minimum 4 room flat but also complain too expensive la], interview encounters, usage of appropriate English at appropriate times, drafting of emails incidences,[Yes I admit my engrand oso no the perfect, but damn me to hell if you ever see me typing singlish in my work emails!], crazy demands about jobs [ must got air con la, must got com with internet la, sat sun cannot work la, must be standard 9-5 la, cannot OT la, salary must be 5k even though I no work experiences but have a uni cert la]

(All the above are based on my own observations and i do admit some I am guilty of exhibiting too.)

However I think he is a bit too personal and there’s too little objectivity in the article. But then again it is a blog and people are entitled to their own opinions.

Bottom-line is, I feel there is no need to be angry at what people think about you, since you can never satisfy 100% of the world. And esp when the topic here is about doing business, where everything is cutthroat and stomachs and livelihoods are at stake.

If you think you are good, you are good – there are no problems.

And if you are not, figure out why and improve and be competitive. cause srsly, whining ain’t going make Mr John Smith the rich and powerful CEO hire you over Mr MaLing who costs 3 times less than you yet can work 6 times better.

It simply defies logic for Mr John.

Of course, if you are going to bring ‘things you cannot control'[read: govt issues] into the picture, then all I can say is,

2016 man.

Make the right choice.

PS: Read the comments too, they are pretty interesting.

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Dead Space 3 & Aliens: Colonial Marines

Completed both DS 3 and Aliens: CM over the holidays. Shall give a short review as I’m going out soon.

First up, DS3.  I’ll just address the impt questions going through those who are hesitant about buying this game, and then some.

Also, take note I ran through it on SINGLE PLAYER. Moving on,

Biggest question: IS THIS REALLY DEAD SPACE?

Have played both 1 and 2, read a few of the comics, and think of myself as a veteran of survival horror games (under my belts are some games like Resident Evil[the earlier, REAL survival horror ones], Siren, Fatal Frame series, etc.) . With this credentials, I guess it’s safe to say it’s a step down horror and a step up on action.

Fans who want to have the occasional ‘jump outta their skin’ experience and teeth biting shaky hands heart pumping feeling will be disappointed. The fear just isn’t there. Maybe it’s because I am used to playing the series, hence I know the formula:

oh see a switch there? a big room FULL OF VENTS? many explosives/freeze/emps canisters lying around?

better start reloading and preparing your health packs kid!

And I don’t quite remember this in part 1 and 2, but I noticed there are areas that are repetitive?? to the point where I don’t even know whether I’m actually going through the same place, just different doors, or I’m at an entire different area, with repetitive rooms!

It’s amusing more than annoying though.

but again, like I said, if you are looking for the scare factor like in 1(and maybe, 2) You will most probably be disappointed. The best this game can do at scaring you is the lame ol’ open the door and BAM! the necromorph’s literally kissing your face. and I seriously mean it, they don’t even attack you, It’s not scripted. They just appear and KISS YO FACE FO’!

Fans who enjoy a game where they can shoot shoot shoot kill kill kill kill! are in for a treat though. It’s really like the latest few resident evils, except not as drastic. The choice of weapons upgrades and attachment will keep you intrigued throughout, although I really question the effectiveness and sense of giving you scopes. srsly? in a game where the enemy runs at you like michael bolt on crack and you are most of the time in enclosed space?

Nope. A scope is useless. I can count with one hand how many times an enemy actually stood far far away while letting you snipe it.

Stasis attachment is the way to go, son. It’s like the seeker rilfe of dead space 3.

And also one very critical point why this game isn’t exactly survival horror – ammo are universal! yep. no more inventory space management. heck you can even MAKE ammo and health packs with spare parts. The only reason why you would want to throw things out is because hell the enemies are dropping stuff like it’s Christmas! lol

Although there is a game mode for hardcore gamers where enemies don’t drop stuff and you have to construct them yourself. There’s also game modes for classic(no mp, original pov, blueprints from first game etc.) and survival(where if you die, you RESTART the entire game) once you complete the game, all these will be unlocked.

Question no. 2: Multiplayer

I’ll keep this short, since i have no chance to play mp. *arhem* basically being the purist that I am, I was horrified when they first announced mp on dead space. WTF? srsly? How is it scary with another dude beside u?

But after playing this game and seeing it being an action game more than a survival horror, and how the story actually unfolds, I’m quite interested in the mp and actually think it’d be more fun. Since they take different paths most of the time, and I heard there’s a bit of story changes between SP and MP. and not to mention some optional missions and collectibles NEED you to play co-op(how cheap!) but that’s about it. Give it a go and you will understand what I mean.

Question no. 3: The Markers

This is really more of a personal thought than part of the review.


Why are the markers not explored further? it’s like somehow someone at EA said, hey let’s make it EVIL, no more ‘some people hear warnings, while others hear convergence!’. Let’s just focus on EarthGov’s way of thinking, that it can be used to provide limitless power.

I am not satisfied. I think it’s just a hasty attempt at closing something the higher ups at EA don’t agree with. It’s like,

“We don’t have time to focus on what the heck the marker does! let’s just go with the same ol’ ‘humans need resources but in doing so destroy themselves’ logic and focus on the ACTION! that’s what ALLL GAMERS WANT!” -.-

I’m disappointed really, there was so much potential and I really was intrigued with their true purpose. Although I must say, the developers did a good job in linking it up to this point.

I really hope a new chapter opens up that talks more about the TRUE origin of the markers and possibly even the discovery of the black one.

So to end it off, should you get it?

Well, I don’t see why not, just don’t expect it to be like the first. There’s really nothing memorable about this game once you complete it. Although, well EA doesn’t usually make bad games either. They screw up good games, yeah. But with their abilities they don’t make bad games themselves, if you know what I mean.

I believe a 7.5/10 is a justified score for Dead Space 3

Moving on,

Aliens: Colonial Marines

I am a BIG FAN of Aliens, having watch resurrection when I was 12 years old, alone, in the cinema. I’ve also watch the rest on TV, some on Laser Discs, other on DVDs. I am also a big fan of the Predator series. Although with that said, I am NOT a big fan of the AvP movie franchise. except for the arcade game(Which was what made me love them in the first place) and AvP: extinction on the PS2. I’ve also play AvP on the PC before, both the 90’s and the recent ‘remake’, and well… although not as good, I thoroughly enjoyed it as a fan.

Anyway, I’m running out of time, and truth be told this game really isn’t worth a long review. So let’s cut this short.

Rent it. Yep. Do not buy. Think Gearbox make good games? well news flash, single player campaign was outsourced

I didn’t even smell a HINT of Gearbox style in this game at first, and after reading that piece of article. I finally knew why.

and srsly speaking who the heck needs a good dev team to make a MULTIPLAYER game? lol

Story: Bottom feeder crap

Weapons: cool, limited but does its job well

HUD, POV: woahhh needs a bit of time to get used to

Enemies, environment, weapons, etc: yep, gives you the whole Aliens feel; dark, can’t see shit, scary. There’s even a few heart pounding scenes that reminded me of why dead space was lacking(I went straight to Aliens after completing DS) And yep, Aliens CAN mow you down easily if you are not paying attention, which is good. Not like most games nowadays where you just can’t die. sheesh.

Gfx: YUCK. wtf is this shit?!

MP: Did not try.

Alright gotta cut this review short. again, rent it. It’s short man, 5-6hrs? and although it does give you the whole Aliens feel, the rest falls short on delivering. Totally not worth the price.

Buy it only if you’re a true blue Aliens fan! woot woot!

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Several foreign firms prepare to leave S’pore

Sometimes i wonder, if one day, all the FTs are gone, how many of those who kpkb about them in the first place will take over the large gap they left behind?

you sure you will forsake your comfortable, office job with air con and internet access for a job that ask you to stand in the hot sun doing menial tasks?

Face it, it’s inevitable. It’s best to be rational about this. Blame it on the fact that Singapore has no rare resources except for its people. The only thing you can do is treat it as challenge and improve yourself. Not whine to the govt to do everything for you.

Either that or you start having more babies.

The only thing I don’t agree with is the ‘efficiency’ of our govt. They are bringing them in too fast, and too furious. Heck they shouldn’t even announce such unnecessary news like the ‘white paper’. you think locals will clap and say, “wah PAP damn good siol! care about our economy which will benefit our nation as a whole in the long run!”

No. we are all selfish, and you dumbwits, by announcing stuff like these, only serve to cause panic and increase unhappiness amongst us!

Of course, it’s very obvious your announcement isn’t planned for locals in the first place. It’s more for ‘putting out the fire’ after introducing tighter labour measures, ie. by saying you will bring in more cheap labour, you are telling interested investors looking to set up their base in the region:

“hey look! not to worry, it might be tough now but I assure you cheap labour is here to stay in the long run!”

I’ll even go so far as to say that this report here is a fear mongering tactic to make Anti FT ppl shut up. It’s like “See! Whine la! whine somemore economy collapse ask you go wash toilet bowl then you know!”

Of course, All these are just my opinion. Feel free to hate, love or fug whatever the hell you want.

I just hope you at least do your research first and not be so Anti-FTs just because 100 of your friends on FB are also Anti-FTs. 🙂

And fyi, disliking a Ah Tiong because of his or her inability to assimilate is very different from disliking them because they are job stealers.

I belong to the former; i have no qualms with them working here, but I hate some of them because they talk too bloody loud on the bus.


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Be Rational

I’m going to say certain things that might piss ppl off, but I speak it only because it is a fact.

A fact that must be highlighted in this day and age where ppl are absolutely going crazy when it comes to foreigners. You know, I myself don’t really like certain types of ah tiongs, but at least I understand why there is a need for them and others.

And I believe most people don’t like foreigners only because humans fear what is unknown to them. I believe that through proper education, and making an effort to know them, things would change for the better. But sad to say, in this fast paced environment everyone judges things in a shallow way and there’s nothing you can do about it.

If you look ugly, you will be shunned. period.

Long gone are the days where you are so freaking free you can write about books that details human behavior and philosophy and other wondrous stuff only your ancestors had the chance to experience.

On the bright side though, our average life expectancy ain’t 33. lol. Anyway I digress.

Singapore is a small country with a small population. It doesn’t help when every tom dick and harry has a degree on their hands. Not to mentioned Us Chinese, who form the bulk of the population, are a bunch of prideful dicks that compares salaries and bonuses during chinese new year.

Tell your aunt you work as a mcd employee, and prepare to see her face twist and turn like she’s having a hard time crapping. (I’m surprised you even have the balls to go visiting)

So, when you have all these combined together, what do you get?

As people move higher up the job chain. Lower posts are being abandoned, logic. So who’s going to fill them? you gona ask your dad to go be construction worker? you gona go ask your mom to be toilet cleaner? you gona ask your grandfather to go wash plates? because I sure as hell can CONFIRM YOU WON’T BE THE ONE DOING IT WITH YOUR B.A. IN IHAVEMONEYSOIBUYMYDEGREE!

And there is no way the trend of ppl getting certs are stopping. Asians, are BORN to go the extra mile because of pride and ‘face’.


So yeah, I understand why there is a need for an increase in the population.

Of course, with that said, I am not saying that the concerns of the citizens are unwarranted. It’s very reasonable to say that you fear your job will be snatched up faster than you can shout AH TIONG! and whatnots. So Imho, without any proper research nor know any shit about politics and human economics, I suggests some ideas and steps which i think is sound for the govt to consider,

  1. Don’t be too efficient. You guys are reallyyyyy scaring the shit outta everyone with your 6.freaking9 million forecast. Take it slow man. Let them trickle in. and if possible. don’t announce these kinda things if there’s really no need to la. Ppl are much more happy knowing less.
  2. If you want them to come, at least give them a proper education about assimilating with us. WE ALL KNOW YOU GUYS ARE JUST WAYANG PAPAYA AND PR-ING when you say they must pass basic english and blablablah. The fact is for everyone to see whn you try to ask an ah tiong receptionist where is the toilet and she points you to the lift.
  3. Slightly more competitive pay for them also. They are too cheap atm. RULE OF MONEY NO. 1: PAY LESS EARN MORE. that’s how you get rich, period. anyway the world is going that way also with china producing everything from your kitchen sink to your chihuahua. It is a trend to rather just buy a cheap product and throw away after a few years and replace it with another cheap one, than to buy a expensive one that MAY lasts a few more years, fact. Just look at SONY and Samsung. So what makes you think just because I’m a singaporean boss, I will chose a singaporean worker that most probably will expect me to pay him/her 2x more than that ah tiong digging his nose by the corner? What can guarantee that that sg guy or girl i hired can work MUCH better than that tiong? Nothing. So yeah. Cheap = best.

Again like I said, I also don’t like changes and I also fear the unknown. but srsly la, please be rational and understand that Singapore, without rare resources, need to do this in order for you to drive your BM on the road and have air con at home.

Like I mentioned in my previous post, if you have really done your own research and you are goddamn confident that we don nid foreigners to survive, then cool. go ahead and raise your pitchforks.

Just don’t be all hateful and xenophobic simply because a few hundred people on facebook are xenophobic and hateful too.

Don’t fear competition. Use it as a stepping stone to improve yourself! srsly, I swear as ppl progress further, they get lazier. meh.

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New Year New Post – PEBE2013

SOOOOOOOOO worker’s party won punggol east. It’s cool definitely, keep pap’s on its toes. But I really think it’s not going to be easy, considering punggol east is considered a new estate area n things are developing at the speed of light. Let’s hope they can live up to their part of the deal.

Anyway I just want to say, due to my observations here and there, that most people are just elated that worker’s party won. note the word, ‘just’. What I really wonder is, do they even KNOW what the worker’s party can do before they jump for joy? You know I may sound like I’m bashing WP, but srsly, no. I’m really just more concerned about how much people actually know, and how social media/the internet is shaping the community as a whole.

Let’s take the current job market and the influx of foreigners as an example.

I read in today’s(29th Jan) TNP that there are higher number of job openings this year, and most of these jobs are ‘lower tier’ jobs. like retail/cleaning/service/hands-on kinda job.

My theory as to why this is happening, is because first of all, Singaporeans are bloody picky what they want to work as, MYSELF included. Also, the number of ppl taking up degrees and the sudden crazy increase of places where you can get pte degrees also plays a part.

Let’s face it, you get degree you willing to go do blue collar jobs? no. why? I blame the current govt, the way they mould our mindset (in terms of education, economy, etc.) It won’t be going too far to say that all these issue with employment and foreigners were all caused by the actions of certain ppl in the govt in the past. Of course, this isn’t entire bad, since we are considered quite a successful nation. But how things work in life, it’s really very balanced and fair. You have something good? then definitely there will be something bad accompanying it. No way you can avoid that.

Going back to the point, since now the problem of not enough ppl filling up certain jobs is very evident, there must be a solution. PAP’s solution is more foreigners, at a very fast rate (efficient, as usual). Which in turn, brings about unhappiness to the ppl.

So when ppl become unhappy, they look for other alternatives. Which brings me to this important question,

“What CAN the other party do then?”

I bring this question out to everybody. Because the whole point of this post is just this: how educated are you to know that the opposition is the answer? you know, it’s pretty obvious nowadays that most ppl cannot live without the internet, and MANY AND I MEAN FUCKING MANY are gullible enough to believe anything the internet says. you have got ppl liking the post so that fb will donate $1 for 1 like. you have ppl spamming you with nonsense msgs that some actor died and fb is going to close down if you don’t spread it to x number of friends.

and you know what pisses me off the most? when you ask them, ‘is it true?’ they reply you with, ‘I don’t know.’


of course, I digress.

When I look at all these, you really cannot blame me for wondering whether the young’uns, those not really serious into politics, are really SURE they are happy that the opposition won for the right reasons, and not just because their friends say PAP sucks means ok we must change, don’t care which tom dick harry come as long as can ‘try try’ is good.

No matter how sucks you think the PAP is, one thing you cannot deny is the fact that we are not living in a place where you can’t drink off the tap, no air con, fighting war every goddamn day, and bloody hell don’t even have electricity.

You cannot deny the fact that despite all the cockup-ness the PAP likes to show us, overall, they have done a good job to put SG to where it is today.

I strongly believe it is everyone’s responsibility to be educated and make an informed choice and not just follow blindly, esp when you are dealing with things of this scale.

And have you every wondered, are you sure our opposition is really capable of running a country when their opponent is so meow they don’t even allow them to use their GRCs?

Let me put it this way, you are a noob, working together with a knowledgeable senior on something, but this bloody cheesepie die also don’t want to show you the ropes. So one day he disappear, and you take over. HOW? you think u can be as zhai as him? you can say with time, everything will smooth itself out. BUT HOW LONG?

It’s a nation and its economy we are talking about! Now do you understand why rich sensible ppl never vote for oppositions? haha

Anyway, It’s good, really good if you actually KNOW you are doing the right thing by voting for so-and-so. Please stop reading and carry on with your life.

For those who have never really wondered, Let me just ask you again,

How much do you really know about the opposition and what they will/can do for you once they become the ruling party?

and yeah, bonus question: Name me any 5 members of WP. You get a cookie if you managed to do it without googling.

I stress that I ain’t bashing the opposition. I’m just gona repeat again that I want ppl to be informed, I want them to know that all these negative aspects of stuff MAY appear.

Do you really think you can handle it? Like I said, once you read this, decide to do your own form of research and conclude that YES you can live with your decision(s), then cool, my job is done and you can carry on.

But please, I really hope that blind rage, misformation due to the open-ness of the internet and the crowd mentality can be curbed when ppl make impt decisions like these.

That is all.

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